“Supportive by nature, I get a big buzz out of helping someone succeed.”
Natalie Guerin, Pebble

I set up Pebble in 2006 as a premium virtual executive support service for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and owners of established small businesses. Pebble soon evolved into providing all aspects of business support, using knowledge and experience gained during the 30 years I have worked within this field.

Today, working primarily with professional companies, I provide operational support, executive assistance and short-term project management for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. The work carried out allows you to focus on your area of expertise, making your demanding lives easier.

More recently Pebble has broadened its horizons and has launched Know Your Numbers. I have always understood the importance of numbers within my business but wasn’t aware how many business owners and entrepreneurs are not on top of theirs. Numbers and data are the crux of business planning and strategy. Often, business owners are missing valuable growth and profit opportunities by not understanding what their numbers are telling them. This is where I want to help. As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is to be able to carry out every role needed to run a successful business. I want to work with these inspiring people to ensure their energies, investment and planning are being focussed in the correct areas of their business allowing them to grow, scale up and flourish.

How can I help?

Potential Problem

You want to grow your business but want to ensure the most effective processes are in place and documented first.

You are spending too much of your time on business administration, time that could be spent developing your business.

You want to grow your business, but you are unsure which are the most profitable services you provide, and how to make the most of seasonal trends.

Your website, proposal, and regular business templates are out of date, preventing you from confidently marketing your business.

Proposed Solution

Working with you, and your team, I will analyse processes, agree the most effective way of working and document process flows.

Delegating day to day admin tasks and setting up robust systems, such as creating templates, eases your workload and saves valuable time.

With regular analysis of your finances, you will have a clear picture of the most, and least, profitable offerings, and any trends in your business.

With regular reviews of your website, and accompanying documents, you will have a suite of documents that complement each other.

Helping to make your business a success

Having worked in the world of business support for more than 30 years, I have gained a huge amount of experience, skill, and knowledge, working with an array of clients.

I spent seven years at Diageo working as a PA and event co-ordinator and have previously worked as a PA to royalty. After setting up Pebble, I worked as a project co-ordinator for a leading US investment bank and a top tier oilfield service company.

The high level of standards of excellence, accuracy and confidentiality demanded during these contracts have set Pebble’s standards and are provided to all clients and projects. As are the skills, knowledge and experience learnt through the years.

If you’re an entrepreneur or the owner of a small company, I am here to support you in making your business a success.


Happy Clients

“The perpetual challenge is to ensure that the vital day to day work, administration and systems are in the best possible shape to support the business. Natalie offers not only the skills in setting up the support but that most valuable of contributions, peace of mind.”

Jonathan Driver, Driver Trading Ltd.

“Natalie quickly got to grips with my business and immediately started to make my life easier. To say she is efficient is an understatement. I am able to get on with what I need to do, safe in the knowledge that Natalie has everything else under control. She is an integral part of the business. I dread to think where I would be without her.”

Alex Freeman RGN, DPSN, CDMP Owner, Absence Management Solutions Ltd.

“I can never predict when I’m going to need Natalie’s support. She jumps in right away and always meets the promised deadlines. On her own initiative she ensures she understands the background to each job and is very aware of the impact of her contribution on how the work appears to my clients. A truly 5-star service.”

Cathy Howells, WordsWork

“Her commitment to getting the job done and attention to detail are genuinely second to none. She is dedicated, flexible, hardworking, and easy to work with. She needs little instruction and I can fully trust her to deliver on time and within budget.”

James Holder, Expatbenchmarking

“Natalie is a wonderfully supportive person and VA. She’s always there for her clients and wanting them to succeed. She’s one of a kind, efficient, effective and experienced. She produced a body of work for me in record time, which would have taken me hours to complete. You know that you’re in very safe hands when handing over your precious business to Natalie.”

Jo Tocher, Life After Miscarriage Mentor

“Natalie’s experience and professionalism shine through in all she does. She really listens and genuinely wants the best for others and is generous with both her time and ideas. I have hugely appreciated Natalie’s support as I build my business.”

Claire Norwood

“We have been working with Natalie since 2017. She has become a valued and seamless extension of our business team. She is always very responsive, thorough and courteous and clear. She juggles a number of balls behind the scenes and is always proactive in ensuring she manages our time effectively and that tasks are followed through to completion. We would be delighted to recommend her work.”

Alison Mackay and Andrew Deller, Primonovo

For the most valuable of contributions, peace of mind.

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